This is about ‘Words of Images’

With 40+ years of photography experience I have become disillusioned with the amount of photographic redundancy I have been encountering in the area where I live. Lots of the same. To the point where I wondered more than once how someone could have taken the same picture I did; looking exactly the same. The answer was pretty easy, but it made me completely reevaluate my creative endeavors. Nature and landscape photography was getting pretty boring and this market is very much saturated.

That said, I have embarked on a creative mission to ‘step outside the box’ and pursue photographic creativity that includes writing and film making. Combining the three. It’s not just taking the picture any more. It’s about the story that goes with the picture. It can be a single image with a story behind it or a short film with a larger story behind it. Images with words connected to them. ‘Words of Images’

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